Label specialises in releasing music on vinyl in unique
package made of a wood, metal, plexiglas, leather, cardboard.

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S42. Dr. Atmo & DF Tram - Wish For The Sun. LP. Limited 99 copies
33 €

Limited hand numbered 99 copies.

Splattered, yellow - black vinyl, Heavy 180 gramm vinyl. LP. Deluxe edition: Special wooden folder, hold by neodimium magnets. Inside the package is a silver paper with silkscreened cover.

Time - 44 min.



Wish For The Sun

The Afterworid

Here We Are

Midnight In Europe

Care About Me


Magnificent and harmonious album by American - Croatian composer DF Tram, master at downtempo electronic scene and Dr. Atmo maestro of ambient scene, working in this music direction since the early 90s.


Mastered by Nick Zavriev ( Ambidextrous ).
Design by Olga Kuleshova.


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